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Saturday, January 05, 2008


Author: Bo Tian » Comments:

Openbravo R2.34

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Managed a successful install of Openbravo on my spare hardware (Athlon 2500+ 512MB RAM 80GB HDD Ubuntu 7.10). Well, not that successful, but it wouldn't need me to install if it's so easy anyway. Will post some pics tomorrow, as my Openbravo is in a totally screwed up condition right now, due to my itchy fingers. I reckon that reinstallation is needed.

Anyway, what I basically did was to follow the instructions here (http://wiki.openbravo.com/wiki/index.php/Openbravo_Command_Line_Installation) on a clean install of Ubuntu 7.10, with some minor changes of course. In the case of "echo" commands, I kept getting bash error saying that permission denied for /etc/environment and /etc/profile. To solve the problems, I keyed in "sudo nano /etc/environment", and added in the few lines manually, similarly for /etc/profile.

One important thing to take note is that the default username is Openbravo, password openbravo. Case sensitive. These are not the ones that the installation interface asked during installation, aka name and password of administrator. I've got no idea on why they asked that since there's no use.

The ERP runs fine on Tomcat, normally, with occasional exceptions. Another thing I don't understand is why the default entity name is Big Bazaar. I mean, better ways could be used, such as creating an empty database, and allow the administrator to create entity on the first login. Creating of users is simply too tedious with the default "Big Bazaar" entity, and undocumented processes.

Since I've only been with the software for less than an hour, I shouldn't say anything on the functionalities. However, at this stage, I don't see any possibility that Openbravo can compete with SAP or Peoplesoft. It lacks the basic requirements of any operational firm - stability, availability of documentation, and ease of use.

Not everyone understands Spanish, and while I understand that Openbravo tries hard to sell its training video, it just shouldn't compromise on the quality of documentation. I'll see if I have anything to write tomorrow.


Author: Bo Tian » Comments:

Power to the People

Saturday, August 25, 2007

It seems that it's never a good idea to bully the powerless and the poor in Singapore, especially when you're not particularly politically powerful. It came to me as a no surprise that Odex lost their case against Pacific Internet, judging from the history of StreetDirectory.com.
I'd like to express my greatest gratitude to district judge Ernest Lau, for upholding law and order in the confusing field of intellectual rights during this Internet era. Great effort PacNet and lawyers, it's a great fight against the evil force. It's truly the greatest victory for anime lovers. Now is the time for us to get back what they owe us. Good luck XYSing, may you and Od3x be condemned in a probable torrent of civil suits that follows.


Author: Bo Tian » Comments:

The Soul of the Game

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This is probably the biggest surprise in the history of football. A devastated country in chaos of war, agony, and tears, has won the asian cup against all odds. It was their determination and their strength that brought their country the unprecedented glory.

Long live the national heros, and may peace fall upon Iraq and her people.

Author: Bo Tian » Comments:

another lappie

Friday, June 22, 2007

Mind Prison: Internet Addiction Disorder

Got honorable mention, we deserve every single recognition, probably more. Not whining here though.

Gonna get another lappie, that worths USD750. It'll be my third lappie, plus another 2 desktops I have at home, I can easily make a circle of computers. How I wish I have 5 brains and 5 pairs of hands. But hell, I can't imagine that I'll have that.

Computers for sale anyone?

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Monday, June 18, 2007

just bought a set of running gears, iPod Nano and Nike+.

<2000 words worth of pictures>
challenges anyone?

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And Finally

Sunday, June 10, 2007

My old com seems ok now, finally recovered from the damn autorun virus. Installed Ubuntu 4.10 on both my harddisks, shred everything, delete all partitions, install the "mighty" Windows XP. And that took me the whole day!

Anyway, an interesting fact that I recently found out is that almost all my recent CPUs have the same clock speed, they're all 1.8GHz. From Pentium 4 1.8 to Athlon 2200+ to Athlon 2500+ to my 2 recent Conroes. Ok, maybe not all are 1.8GHz due to FSB and overclocking, but stock CPUs range from 1800MHz to 1833MHz. My next CPU is probably 1.8 anyway, quad-core Barcelona. I'm still waiting.

AMD, you heard me?

Author: Bo Tian » Comments: