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Thursday, November 30, 2006

I, Tian Bo, declear war against all spyware and adware on 1 December 2006 3.00am.


Author: Bo Tian » Comments:

DRM is simply annoying and useless

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's good to be back. Been busy preparing for my O levels for a long time.

The most popular service for this year? iTunes of course. 99 cents for a piece of music, did I say low quality and unreliable? It's 128kbps AAC and DRM protected, which means you cannot play it on your other computer, you cannot play it on a MP3 player other than their very own iPod, you cannot burn your favorite collection onto an Audio CD, you cannot enjoy the original vibes of the song, and the list goes on. Simply speaking, it's a waste of money.

It seems that all the inconvenience make sense in the name of protecting the music industry, but how does DRM help? We can always use software like Audacity to record what we hear! And that renders all the protective measures useless. Look at various bittorrent websites, and one will be shocked to find that almost all released and yet-to-be-released full albums can be found, in high quality. Music ripping has been part of the internet, and is not going to be ended anytime soon without an understanding and caring music industry. Give us high quality music, give us freedom, and we will give you our money in exchange.

In the mean time, for music lovers, don't be discouraged by DRMs. There's a great service called allofmp3. Perhaps, that's our only comfort.


Author: Bo Tian » Comments: