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Energy Benchmark EEcoMark Announced

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Windows Benchmarking organization BAPCo and Ecma International joint announced a new benchmark co-developed, based on power saving features of personal computers. The new software is named EECoMark.

EECoMark will test a computer's ability based on real-life software, but will put computer's power usage on top priority. (Which means that power saving computer will score better even though performance may not be as good.)

Many companies are now focusing on problems regarding power consumption, Sun and AMD joined to developed a new power benchmarking software, SPEC is also doing research on this topic, while Intel joined the setting of standard of EECoMark.

BAPCo and Ecma planned to release EECoMark and first version of power benchmarking standard by first half of 2008.


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