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Sony's new best-ever-sound-quality MP3 player

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sony Japan released their latest S range of Walkman MP3 player, NW-S700 and NW-S600.

NW-S700 provides a variety of storage space of 1GB, 2GB and 4GB, 3 lines OLED screen, FM radio support, plays MP3/ATRAC/AAC/WMA formats, and direct recording to either PCM/Atrac3Plus formats. NW-S600 has identical features except FM radio support and lack of 4GB version.

The new range of players is powered by Sony's high efficiency Li-ion battery, charging 3 minutes can provide 3 hours of play time, while a full charge takes 2 hours to give it 50 hours of play time.

Sony claims to have used their latest noise reduction technology on these players, coupled with 13.5mm in-ear earphones. These make the current line of players the best sounding player ever for their Walkman series.

4GB version of NW-S700 is estimated to cost $249, and 1GB NW-S600 will cost about $125.


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