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45nm+WiMAX in your laptops in 2008

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Though Intel will only release 4th generation Centrino "Santa Rosa" in first-half of 2007, they have already planned the features of the 5th gen, code named "Montevina", estimated to release in 2008. The new generation will adopt 45nm processors, and features WiMAX wireless technology.

"Penryn", the new processor, will be made with 45nm manufacturing technology, using the same architecture as the current Core. It will be released before the end of 2007, few months before "Motevina", just like the current "Merom" and "Santa Rosa". The new processor will utilize less power, the TDP will drop from "Merom" 's 35W to 29W. It will also incorporate SSE4 which includes 50 new instructions.

At the end of 2008, Intel plans to release a new processor ,code named "Nehalem" which will be based on 45nm as well, but using a new architecture.

"Motevina" includes processor "Penryn", chipset "Cantiga", wireless module "Shiloh", and LAN controller "Boaz".

"Cantiga" supports 1066MHz FSB, with possible RAM support up to DDR3-800. The new integrated graphics will run at 475MHz, with 10 rendering units, an increase of 2 from the current GMA 3000.

"Shiloh" will support WiMAX, while "Santa Rosa" possibly supports 802.11n. The new chip is perhaps from the collaboration between Intel and Nokia.


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