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CORSAIR's new 1111MHz DDR2 RAM

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Recently, Corsair and OCZ launched 1111MHz and 1120MHz DDR2 RAM respectively. At this time, making DDR2-800 is a great challenge in technology to the manufactures, and making RAMs above 1GHz is a farther test of technical expertise.

Corsair said that their new Dominator series of RAMs can work at 1.11GHz and CAS4, but making such RAMs is extremely difficult. These RAMs are results of testing received chips from Micron. The default manufacturing standard of these chips is 800MHz, CAS3. Only less than 5% of total chips received can reach 1111MHz, and only 0.5% is used for manufacturing of the Dominator series due to the concerns that all chips making up the RAM must work on identical frequency and latency.

According to news reports, Corsair's DDR-1111 has only released less than 200 pieces globally. So even if you can bear to pay $600 for this monster, you may not get the product.


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