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New Apple Tablet

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Apple rumour mill’s going crazy over speculation the Mac makers are prepping an ultra-portable computer for release next year, but what new technologies are likely to appear in such a secretive device?

For a start we’d expect a touchscreen, something Apple’s been patenting like crazy for the best part of a year.

That screen could even be a multi-touch version, or offer feedback in the form of a physical clicking sensation – Apple’s patented this recently too.

Then there’re those reports that the ‘Podfathers at Cupertino were working on a crazy camera screen, with lenses hidden behind a computer’s display. That means the portable’s LCD could double as an iSight for use in a mobile version of iChat.

Of course, you’ll need a way to control an Apple tablet, and it’s far too boring to rely on a stylus. How about a sensor that knows when your hand’s approaching? Yeah, that’d be cool. Or how about clever on-screen keyboards, so smart they can cope with super-fast touch typing?

What we’d really like to see is an A5-sized pad, easily pocketable but with enough grunt, and speedy memory, to handle programmes like Photoshop even while we’re out and about, as well as toting iLife apps with all the grace of a desktop machine.

There’s rumour that Apple’s working on a flash-based portable for release early next year, lets just hope it’s not another UMPC let down, and comes clad in Apple’s super stylish skin.


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