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Archos AV 700 TV personal media player

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

World’s first handheld video recorder with digital TV receiver!


* Seven-inch screen
* Digital tuner
* 40GB hard drive
* Plays MPEG-4 SP, AVI, WMV, MP3 and WMA (protected)
* Battery Life: 30hrs audio, 3.5hrs video
* 107x209x19mm
* 610g

Archos’s new portable video recorder fits a huge screen and a Freeview receiver into a box little bigger than a PSP.

The seven-inch screen is impressively proportioned, but image quality is not as good as on some smaller media players. Colours look more subdued and video seems less sharp and detailed than on Archos’s AV 500 video jukebox.

To watch Freeview channels, you connect the large, two-part external aerial. Ideally both parts should be stuck to a window with the suction cups. Good if you’re going to use it in a caravan in Torquay, less so if you want to watch a footy match on the train to Manchester.

There are actually two tuners inside – designed for improving reception rather than recording two things at once – but they only make a difference if they can actually get a signal. We managed to pick up only half the Freeview channels available in central London. However, when reception’s good, the recording quality is amazing, as the broadcast is written directly to the hard drive with no conversion process.

It also does a great job of playing back XviD files. An episode of Lost looks silky-smooth, for instance. Music performance is also top notch. All Sparks by the Editors sounds punchy and you get support for subscription tracks from music services like Napster To Go. Battery life isn’t bad, with about 3.5 hours of video playback.

This isn’t the most portable media player around. However, the large screen, great video recording and excellent playback make it a good bet for those who want to watch Corrie in the car, yacht or, indeed, caravan in Torquay.

From T3 September 2006 http://www.archos.com/

Official distributor in Singapore:

Sim Lim Square Office Location:
Memory World (S) Pte Ltd
1 , Rochor Canal Road , #04-12
Sim Lim Square , Singapore 188504
Tel no: 65 6333 4500 Fax no: 65 6333 4588

Funan Office Location:
Memory World (S) Pte Ltd
109 , North Bridge Road , #05-17
Funan Digitalife Mall , Singapore 179097
Tel no: 65 6333 3777 Fax no: 65 6333 3444


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