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Games to Occupy Less Space by 70%

Thursday, October 05, 2006

During the Game Developers Conference held in London this week, an unknown company Allegorithmic demonstrated their technology to reduce the size of texture files by up to 70%.

The two programs, known as ProFX and MaP Zone 2, should potentially lessen the file sizes of textures even while the files keep the same quality as current texture files today. A show of their programs' capabilities came in the form of a demo for RoboBlitz, which is coming out for Xbox Live Arcade. With a 50 MB cap on the file size for these game, file sizes did have to be lessened, and according to the report, the game ran well on its Unreal 3 engine with only a 280kb size for the overall texture files.

However, there are several difficulties to implement this as the industry's standard as game artists are suited to work in Adobe Photoshop to create textures, much training is needed for the implementation of this. In addition, the spectrum of implementation is limited. But Allegorithmic is confident that their technology will become an industry standard.

What could this mean to us? Web based games anticipated by many companies will become a reality soon. Games will also have more complexed and sophisticated textures. All these will create a revolution in the gaming industry.

For more information: http://www.allegorithmic.com


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